A healthy working lifestyle. . .

Working along side some of the most supportive, collegial, and fun doctors on the planet, Castlegar is a place where you can do more than just exist, it’s a place where you can thrive.  We are family and play orientated, with no 24 hour call, and generally only three 8AM-8PM emergency shifts per month, however, if you want more, it exists here as well.

Our Regional Hospital
With the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital only 30 minutes away you have the opportunity to expand the practice into OB, Long Term Care, or hospitalist work, but it is not required.

Working in a diverse rural practice with access to specialists including; renal, plastics, ortho, internal medicine, and general surgery only 30 minutes away, you are the specialist who ensures everyone is working together.

CME Opportunities
Realizing doctors need care too, several CME opportunities exist locally and are organized, and sometimes funded, by our strong Division of Family Practice.  This, together with an easy, appreciative patient population and endless opportunities for an outdoor lifestyle, are the reasons doctors love it here.

Guaranteed, Predictable, Vacation
With Physicians covering for each other (we’re not locum dependent) the nine weeks of vacation you are encouraged to take per year will never find you at a loss for things to do. With endless mountains to climb, roads or trails to cycle, paths to walk, and lakes and rivers to play in, you will soon realize why lifestyle really is medicine in Castlegar, BC

Information regarding practicing medicine in rural BC:

Why we chose Castlegar, and why we stay . . .
quotes compiled from 0ur doctors.

Collegial and supportive team of MD’s, close interdisciplinary work with other health professionals (i.e. SW, RN), mix of ER and clinic, ER open 8AM-8PM, flexible schedule, feeling included in team decisions, transparency over financial matters.

It’s an outdoor wonderland; we’re close to both Red Mountain and Whitewater for downhill skiing, and the Paulson trails for Nordic in the winter, and we’re surrounded by warm water lakes, fishing on the Columbia is peaceful, and accessible by foot, and the whitewater kayaking is amazing.

We have a country-like setting, but also have an airport, I live on the river and have land where I can grow things, we’re rural with culture, there’s good access to the US (shopping, Spokane Airport, you can drive to Las Vegas or even Mexico), we have great schools with a French Immersion program, and lots of kid’s activities are available with less competition, but still quality programs.

We have a great working group!  We share the workload and cover to look after each other’s patients-no need for locums. We share overhead and pay a percentage of costs instead of a fixed fee and we don’t pay costs while we’re not working. We have a smaller clinic set-up, but not tiny. We’re and independent, active group practice where you can develop your own area of expertise, with a regional hospital close enough to pursue interests there.

Helpful colleagues who helped me navigate the immigration and licensing processes. There’s an emphasis on making the practice work for you.  You can be independent and choose what you want to focus on.  Specialists in the area are both accessible and approachable.

Our patients are good, content people who don’t have many complaints and are relatively relaxed and appreciative.  So much so they bring us; borscht, butter tarts, crab legs, garden vegetables and home made wine!

The business model is set-up so that each Physician can have 6-10 weeks of vacation per year, without a locum, and the golfing is fantastic, but not overly expensive or crowded.

Urban practice in a rural setting.