• Locally Grown Cherries

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Eat well, live well . . .

It has never been more important to live close to your food sources than it is today.  Living in a rural community provides us with an abundance of land, and wide-open spaces to grow everything from vegetables to chickens. . . and anything in between.  With an abundance of sunshine and warm weather we have an optimal growing climate, and are known for our rich soil and lush, expansive gardens.

We live in a community where you know your egg farmer and your honey producer, and if you so inclined, after dinner you can go down to the river and spend a relaxing evening catching your own fish.

While you will come to know many local food sources once you live here, below are some of the more visible options:

Downtown Community Gardens:

Art Farm

Castlegar Garden Club

Farm Fresh Eggs and other local food items:

Pine Tree Market

Organic Milk

Hormone & Antibiotic-Free Meat